Live, Online Coding Classes, Workshops & Competitions for Grade 3 - Grade 8 Students.


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Coding is a Fundamental Life Skill.

At STEM1, students are placed in a fun, dynamic environment, where they learn coding logic through real-world experiences.

Lessons are filled with activities that promote creativity, Problems solving & intuitive understanding of concepts.​

Our students don’t just learn coding, they learn critical skills in logical thinking by identifying and solving problems.

Learning how to program them is a great way to invest in your future.


Coding & Robotics

Weekly interactive online classes. Learning to Code has never been more fun than now with our online platform and our custom LMS (Learning Management System).

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Weekly STEM Workshops, and Science Sundays are cool way to learn by doing

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Monthly Quiz, Hackathon or an eSport compete with students across GTA.

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Join us for Summer camp where creativity takes precedence over everything else..

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Our Approach

When learning is fun, it is easy to become an expert!
Creativity included

Structured Curriculum

We use Gamified learning with structured progression for students which provides them with a sense of accomplishment.

Students are placed into different groups based on their Coding Experience and Progress.

In addition we encourage regular presentations and support personal creative projects.

Gamified learning

Personalized Feedback

Students use our Advancd LMS to both access their course material and submit their completed Tasks.

Our staff regularly provide feedback on the submitted work and assign points for various factors like creativity, mentorship, participation and more. This provides students a very good incentive to go in the positive direction..

We got your back

Extensive support

Learning to code is a challenging journey for most kids to take alone and requires a strong support system.

At STEM1 we provide support to students beyond the classroom. Support is free for all current students.

Your child can message with teachers using DISCORD, get 1-on-1 help and get help from other students. Students are never far from help.

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Upcoming event

Our Upcoming event
Grade 3 - Grade 8

Year End Quiz

Participate in Year end Quiz on Grade level Curriculum based topics. Great way to test your knowledge and compare with other students.

Topics covered : English, Math, Science & French..

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Sara B.
“My daughter has attended classes for 2 years now, including a junior hackathon, and she looks forward to every weekly workshop. The space is interactive, engaging and really designed to make coding and robotics come alive...”
Aiishwin M.
Student - G8
“I have been at stem one for about a year now, and my overall reaction was "WOW"! It's a tremendous place to learn and have fun!...”
Lakshmi K.
student - G4
“Having had no prior knowledge of coding or robotics, my husband and I were fascinated by our child's passion for wanting to learn something different and challenging, and of her excitement before each session...”
Cheryl D.
Teacher - G7
"Not only was I thrilled to be able to work with the robots but my students were excited and they look forward to the next session.. Once again A big thank you for helping me learn something new.."
Linh T.
parent- G5
“My son is in the Robotics class and he enjoys himself all the while learning without realizing.  My son tells me
"It's fun there, I like the technology and playing with Cue and Dash robots... and they keep us on task!"
Darshita D.
parent- G5
“Wonderful experience for my son who is in Grade 5. The staff is very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. My son is always excited to go in class and do extra courses as homework at home. Felt much confident in coding after joining this program...”