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STEM1 has been busy creating positive experiences for students during the lockdown with various activites.

During our @Home program that we ran free for students until schools started online program, one of the most liked activity was fun Quiz competition.

Now, we are bringing the best part of our
@Home program to help students to end their school year in style.

Grade 3 - Grade 8

2020 Year End Quiz

Join 100's of students across GTA to finish the Academic year in a fun way.
Ontario Curriculum
Quiz is based on Grade level Curriculum for Ontario Students.
Fun & Entertaining
Quiz is made of some fun and entertaining questions to keep students engaged.
Students can take the quiz online at the safety of their home.
Year End Quiz
Torquatos nostros quos tu tam inportuno tamque crudeli sin ut ita
per student
100 -150 Questions
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Personalized Feedback from the Quiz competitions are available for every student.
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OCT Teachers
Questions are prepared and reviwed by OCT Teachers
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When learning is fun, it is easy to become an expert!
Creativity included

Challenge friends

We partnered with Quizziz to bring the latest technology to conduct Quiz competetion.

This will helps students to compete in a fun and engaging way while learning and showcasing their talents learnt during the academic year.

Creativity included

Personalized Feedback

Every student will recieve their personalized report on the entire QUIZ.

This should help improve on the future learnings.